With a constant goal to find environmentally-friendly modes of transport on the agenda, it looks like there may be a new kid… or scooter on the block.  As they examine different ways to combat increasing road congestion and environmental pollution, the Department of Transport is contemplating giving the go ahead to electric scooters on public roads.

Busy lifestyles mean that people need to get to their destinations quickly and with the increasing costs of petrol and diesel, a local source has suggested that legalising the use of electric scooters on public roads has the potential to “get people out of cars”.  An already popular option in cities across Europe and America, electric scooters have the ability to get people where they want to, and when they want.

Although it’s currently illegal to ride electric or powered scooters on the UK’s roads and pavements, electric scooter companies have been lobbying to change the law.  Trials are in progress as we speak; with electric scooters being used on private paths – being able to travel at speeds of up to 15 miles an hour. It’s anticipated that if successful, the scheme can become a safe option for travellers throughout the UK.

Transport for London’s Director of Transport Innovation Michael Hurwitz has commented that this pilot is set to be closely monitored, and positive results have the potential to have a massive impact on the future transport market.

As part of the government’s consultation ‘Future of Mobility’, the subject of technology – and in particular electric scooters, will be on the agenda, as they consider how they can benefit the UK’s transport infrastructure.

At ScooterUp, and as UK specialist distributors for quality electric scooters, we fully support the request for the potential law change, and will keep you informed of the progress in laws and regulations. Follow us on our social media channels to keep updated with the latest news.





Source: Telegraph News | Politics, 2018.